European Style House Design

European Style House Design is a great option for families that are looking to build a new home. It blends the classic elements of a traditional European style with the modern amenities and finishes that today’s homeowners desire.

The style is inspired by old-world Tuscan villas, English manors and French Country chateaux. They combine the best features of these styles with the most popular contemporary amenities, like entertainment ready kitchens and high-tech media rooms.

They also feature warm family gathering areas and cozy fireplaces. You can even find some European house plans that have an inner courtyard, which is perfect for entertaining guests and keeping the inside of your home quaint and elegant.

Many European homes have decorative exteriors with wide facades, complex roof designs and intricate archways. These exteriors can be striking, especially when paired with a well-manicured yard and plenty of windows.

In general, these homes are quite large with spacious interiors that can easily accommodate a family of 4. The master suite is often a separate area with its own bathroom and closet.

The exteriors of these homes can be very eye-catching, especially if they have an elaborate stone veneer. They may also have an intricate front door with a portico and iron railings.

European houses often use stone, brick and stucco as cladding materials. Timber and half-timber elements are also common.

They can feature steep-pitched roofs and corner quoins, as well as curved interlocking lines. They can also include a variety of architectural details, including wrought iron balustrades and juliette balconies on upper levels.

These homes are often designed with plenty of space for living, dining and cooking, with ample storage spaces throughout. They may also have a backyard garden or a large garage.

The interiors of these homes often include a mix of contemporary and traditional elements that reflect the heritage of Europe, such as stone fireplaces and built-in bookcases. They can also feature antique and vintage furniture.

Another way to achieve this look is to choose a solid construction that is constructed of materials that are natural, such as woods, marble, clay, bamboo and cotton. This type of material is durable and withstands the test of time.

It is a great choice for people who are looking to live in a sustainable, eco-friendly style of home. It is also a great choice for people who want to make the most of their outdoor space with patios and decks.

These houses can be very elegant, with beautiful carved wood ceilings and ornate detailing. They are often decorated with fine chandeliers and other adornments.

They can also feature a variety of different types of flooring, including hardwoods and tile. These homes are often painted with neutral colors that reflect the nature of the area.

Some of the colors seen in these homes are pastel, bright or muted tones, which can be reminiscent of the countryside of Europe. They also often have a mixture of white and light grays.