Popular Online Games For Kids

If you’re looking for some popular online games for kids that aren’t just fun, but also teach kids important skills too, then we have a list of games you should definitely check out. These include games that will help your children improve their language skills, math skills and more!

Prodigy English is a free educational game that uses creative, sandbox gameplay to engage your child in English language learning. It helps them improve their vocabulary and letter combining skills, while teaching them how to create objects and interact with others in an engaging environment.

This game is designed for 5-7 year olds and features simple blocks to build, explore and move around the world. It also encourages problem-solving and creativity, making it a perfect option for older kids who are ready for something a little more challenging.

Minecraft is another hugely popular video game that pushes your kid to their creative limits. It also requires teamwork and problem-solving, so it can be a great option for socialising with friends or playing against them in multiplayer matches.

Splatoon 2 is another popular game that can be a good choice for younger children. It allows players to make splatter art, perform tricks and interact with each other in multiplayer battles, though voice chat can be disabled via console parental controls.

Sago Mini Friends is a delightful collection of colorful and cartoony mini games that will keep your child entertained while also building their dexterity, logic, puzzle-solving and creativity skills. This is a lovely game for preschoolers and toddlers that is free, but can be enhanced with optional IAPs with no advertising!

Word Swipe Pic is an excellent way to teach your child how to spell new words without even realising it. Each picture contains a short “a” sound, and it’s up to your child to find the correct word for it.

Learn To Read is a fun and interactive game that helps your child learn how to say the short “a” sound in the word “an.” This is an essential part of reading, so you’ll want to make sure your child gets plenty of practice!

If you’re a parent who wants to give your kids an education without them even knowing it, then NASA games are a great place to start. These fun games will help your child develop an interest in space and space exploration, while also providing a lot of educational content that will enhance their knowledge of the universe.

Scratch is an amazing educational tool for kids to use to program interactive stories, games and animations. It also helps them learn how to create their own content and share it with a supportive community.

There are many games that help your child learn to draw, animate and tell their own stories through simple, imaginative play. Toontastic 3D is one of them, which enables kids to draw and tell their own stories with simple controls and a variety of animated characters.